Communicate with the world and deliver new sounds

The building, featuring futuristic and organic lines and lighting, open masses, and large speakers, embodies YG's creative corporate vision to communicate with the world and deliver new sounds through the architectural design of the renowned architectural group UNSTUDIO.

Through indoor spaces connected by various rhythms, artists and members constantly communicate and share their new attempts, ideas, and challenges, expressing their unique and creative individuality.

Building Exterior ​

Located where the Han River and residential areas intersect, the architectural ambition and concept (VIBE THE NEW FLOW) aim to create new currents through innovative architecture. The futuristic four-sided facade embodies the "Urban Speaker," featuring an organic structure made of metal and glass that uses silver and white color schemes, dot punching, and rhythmic lighting, which brings the urban speaker to life.

Recording & Vocal Booth

The recording studios are optimized with the best equipment and environment to focus on music. Each studio is designed with a unique atmosphere for artists with different personalities. Designed with high ceilings, appropriate lighting, and finishes, the studios provide a space where artists can focus on their creative activities.

The ceiling design, reminiscent of sound waves, serves a functional role while incorporating the vibe concept, creating a distinctive space for artists.

    • B STUDIO
    • C STUDIO
    • D STUDIO
    • Z STUDIO
    • X STUDIO
    • P STUDIO

Dance Studio

The practice rooms, designed with various concepts, range from exclusive studios for artists to dance studios for trainees, providing the best environment. The open ceiling concept is complemented by flexible lighting arrangements, which fosters focus and creativity. Flooring made out of natural materials and a lively rest area with eye-catching accents have been incorporated to create an optimal environment for artistic exploration.nings, external guest lectures, and artist video productions.


Designed as a cultural hub for employees, the auditorium is equipped with the best audio and video facilities, folding/movable tiered seating, and a stage serving as a versatile venue for hosting various artist performances and fostering artistic growth. The two-story blackout auditorium, accommodating over 150 people, features sound-proof and dust-proof measures and is actively used for various activities such as employee screenings, external guest lectures, and artist video productions.

Makeup Room

Our well-planned hair and Makeup Rooms ensure that artists can showcase their best styling and maintain confidence at all time, even during practice. The high ceilings and bright, simple tones contribute to an energetic and comfortable atmosphere, allowing artists to treasure every moment of their performance preparation.

Meeting Room

Our meeting rooms, strategically placed on each floor with breathtaking views of the Han River and surrounding parks in downtown Seoul, foster open communication and facilitate efficient, focused discussions. Along with a dedicated conference floor, the meeting rooms support active communication with external partners, crucial executive decision-making, and a variety of creative collaborations through both online and offline meetings. ​

Equipped with AV & video conferencing systems, ergonomically designed furnitures, and diverse spatial designs, our meeting rooms provide satisfying experiences for not only all members but 3rd party collaborators who visit YG for meetings. ​


We have designed spaces that cater to hobbies and exercise, allowing for relaxation and physical strengthening after focusing on creative tasks and work. Our top-notch GYM, equipped with the best professional trainers and fitness equipment, is responsible for training staff and artists. Additionally, we offer a personal training room for one-on-one guidance, a table tennis room, a tanning room, showers, and a bar and lounge area to strengthen relationships and communication among our team members.

Other Amenities

Our in-house restaurant has transformed into a trendier and more comfortable cafeteria, offering the finest meals. YG visitors can experience our high-quality facilities, including an invited Vietnamese restaurant, a café, and an unmanned convenience store located on the second-floor lounge. In addition, YG’s effort to maximize the practical convenience and design experience of all members can be seen everywhere, from lounges and meeting rooms to differentiated bathroom design on each floor.