Embracing Cultural Diversity​

Based on the ‘YG STYLE’ that respects cultural diversity YG Entertainment aims to grow from a domestic entertainment industry leader to a global No.1 MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY, and plans to realize ESG values in the growth process.

YG will make efforts to contribute to creating sustainable environment as well as the society by establishing a framework for effective ESG management in all business activities, particularly in our core business model including music and various media content.

ESG Framework

Impact Beyond Creativity

  • Strengthening Ethical Management
  • Realizing Value Based Management
  • Responsible Management

    Committed to becoming a transparent company trusted by all.

  • Inspire Green Entertainment

    Will contribute to creating eco-friendly values for future generations.

  • Empower Every Voice

    Will lead the way in promoting inclusive value for everyone.

ESG Committee

YG Entertainment has established an ESG committee consisting of entertainment industry and legal experts for a strategic and systematic ESG management.

ESG Committee Regulations
  • Song won, Jeon

    Outside Director

    Attorney at Kim & Chang Law Office

    Former Chief of the Bucheon Branch of Incheon District Prosecutors' Office

    Former Senior Prosecutor at the Gwangju District Prosecutors' Office

    Former Senior Prosecutor at the Eastern Branch of the Busan

    Former Director of the Financial Insolvency Investigation Department at the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation

  • Bo Kyung, Hwang

    Internal Director

    CAO at YG Entertainment Inc.

    Former Co-CEO of YG Entertainment Inc.

    Former CEO of YG Next Inc.

  • Dong Woo, Lee

    Outside Director

    Advisor at H Lee Co., Ltd.

    Former Head of Investment Strategy Department at Coway Co., Ltd.

    Former Head of Investment Strategy Department at Netmarble Corporation

    Former CDG Project Leader at SK Telecom Co., Ltd.

    Former Project Leader of Strategic Planning Department at SK Corporation

ESG Organizational Structure

YG Entertainment has established a dedicated ESG organization, the Sustainable Management Team, under the leadership of the CEO. This team collaborates with the ESG Working Committee, composed of members from related departments, to identify and execute specific ESG tasks and initiatives.


  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification


    In 2022, YG Entertainment acquired the ISO45001 international standard certification for occupational health and safety management to further strengthen its safety management.

  • Compliance Management System Certification


    In 2023, YG Entertainment acquired the ISO37301 international standard certification for compliance management to promote responsible corporate governance.

  • Anti-Corruption Management System Certification


    YG Entertainment has acquired the ISO37001 international standard certification for anti-corruption management to foster transparent and trusted corporate governance.

Policies & Guidelines

  • Human Rights Policy

    YG Entertainment respects and protects the human rights of customers, artists, employees, and business partners, taking in account the human rights impact across all aspects of the business.

  • Code of Ethics

    YG Entertainment and its employees fulfill their responsibilities to investors, shareholders, customers, artists, and employees.

  • Industrial Safety and Health Policy

    YG Entertainment places the highest value on safety management across all business operations, leading a safe and healthy entertainment culture.

  • Diversity Policy

    YG Entertainment respects and does not discriminate against the diversity of its customers, artists, employees, and business partners.

  • Environmental Policy

    YG Entertainment considers the environmental impact of its business as a whole.

  • Compliance and Anti-Corruption Policy

    YG Entertainment establishes and adheres to policies for compliance and anti-corruption targeting customers and the market.

  • Fair Trade Policy

    YG Entertainment strives to conduct business fairly and comply with laws and policies on monopoly regulation and fair trade.

  • Business Partner Code of Conduct

    YG Entertainment respects ethics and human rights and strives to grow together with its business partners.

  • Privacy and Data Protection Policy

    YG Entertainment has established(and disclosed) a Privacy and Data Protection Policy to comply with effective management and safeguarding personal information.

Sustainability Report

YG Entertainment's Sustainability Report outlines the direction and key activities to realize a sustainable society for future generations.
We are committed to communicate more transparently and to actively share our sustainable journey with our stakeholders.