Promoting healthy compliance culture and driving sustainable growth through various compliance activities

YG Entertainment places significant importance on compliance management, considering it as one of the core objectives of corporate management. Therefore, YG Entertainment strives to proactively check and prevent compliance risks by conducting risk assessment and seeks to raise internal awareness and commitment to compliance through various compliance activities, such as campaigns and education.​ ​
YG Entertainment aims to build trust both internally and externally through thorough compliance activities, and to achieve sustainable growth. To this end, we will strengthen our compliance activities to establish a healthier compliance culture and demonstrate growth.


  • Compliance Risk Assessment

    We operate and manage a process to identify and review compliance risks. We identify obligations for all executives and employees of the company to abide by, diagnose risks accordingly, and advise each department to establish appropriate control measures and set goals to prevent risks. ​​

  • Compliance Monitoring

    Through constant monitoring of laws and regulations closely related to our company, we ensure that necessary information is reflected in the work of our executives and employees, company regulations, and policies.

  • Issuing Compliance Letters and Providing Guidelines

    We regularly distribute compliance letters and provide timely guidelines on topics directly related to work of our executives and employees to further enhance the understanding of legal compliance for employees and foster an in-house compliance culture throughout the company.

  • Compliance Campaigns and Improvement Initiatives

    We plan and implement compliance campaigns tailored to our company's situation, spreading compliance messages, and we expect such procedures to have a positive impact on our stakeholders as well.

  • Implementation of Compliance Education

    We conduct company-wide compliance and anti-corruption education and provide education to strengthen the compliance-related capabilities of our employees. We plan educational content that suits our business domain and job characteristics.

  • Operation of Internal Whistle Blowing System for Employees and for Business Partners

    We operate a whistleblowing system for employees and for business partners to combat fraud, illegal activities, and corruption. Both systems strongly guarantee anonymity and confidentiality and are transparently managed by those in charge of the audit to take immediate action, if needed.

  • ISO Certification

    We obtained ISO certification, such as ISO 37301 (Compliance Management System) and ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery Management System), and plan post-examination and renewal of certification to ensure that the company-wide business process meets the international standard requirements of ISO. We are also committed to maintaining and continuously improving our management system built through this process.

Compliance and Anti-Bribery Policy

YG Entertainment Inc. (hereinafter “Company”) hereby establishes and commit to the implementation of the following Compliance and Anti-Bribery Policy to foster compliance culture and combat corruption:

Article 1 (Obligations and Responsibilities of Executives and Employees)

  • Executives and employees shall pursue compliance and prevention of corruption as core values.
  • Executives and employees shall fully comprehend and comply with applicable domestic laws, foreign laws, company policies, and regulations while conducting work.
  • Executives and employees shall promptly inform the Company in the event one discovers or suspects any breache of compliance and/or anti-corruption obligations by fellow employees, or any other Company stakeholders.
  • The individual designated by the Company to be in charge of the Compliance and Anti-Bribery Management System of the Company shall be granted independent and autonomous responsibility and authority, and shall supervise and manage the Company, and the executives and employees of the Company in matters relating to compliance and anti-corruption.

Article 2 (Obligations and Responsibilities of the Company)

  • The Company shall commit compliance management to ensure that all executives, employees and stakeholders of Company comply with norms and not engage in any corrupt practices.
  • The Company shall establish a Compliance and Anti-Bribery Management System, and continuously manage and supervise such system.
  • The Company shall make its utmost effort in fostering a culture of compliance by ensuring procedures that protect executives and employees who report any breach of compliance and/or anti-corruption obligations, from any adverse consequences.
  • The Company shall take proactive measures and hold accountable any executives or employees found to be in breach of compliance and/or anti-corruption obligations.