BABYMONSTER CHIQUITA Unleashes Dark Charisma in ‘SHEESH’ MV Teaser


BABYMONSTER CHIQUITA Unleashes Dark Charisma in ‘SHEESH’ MV Teaser

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER heats up their debut excitement by consecutively releasing teasers for their first mini-album’s title track ‘SHEESH’.

On March 23, YG Entertainment posted ‘BABYMONSTER – ‘SHEESH’ TEASER | CHIQUITA’ on their official social media. The teaser showcases CHIQUITA exuding a dark charisma with an expressive power that belies her young age.

CHIQUITA captivated viewers instantly with her blonde twintails, exuding a kitschy charm. The black bridge and smoky makeup added to her hip-hop aura, with her unique gestures showcasing an unparalleled ability to embody the concept.

The teaser intriguingly includes a different outro than the previously revealed chorus section. The addictive “SHEESH” is followed by “BABYMON,” unveiling the lyrics that represent the team’s name. Although brief, it heightened curiosity for the full song with BABYMONSTER’s signature bold confidence.

The title track ‘SHEESH’ is a hip-hop dance song that stands out with Baroque-style piano melodies and grand synthesizer sounds. Given YG’s hint at bold performances and the title’s use of an exclamation of surprise, expectations are high for their new music and charismatic performances.

BABYMONSTER is set to officially debut at midnight on April 1st. Their first mini-album [BABYMONS7ER] includes seven tracks: the title song ‘SHEESH’, ‘MONSTERS (Intro)’, ‘LIKE THAT’, ‘Stuck In The Middle (7 ver.)’, ‘BATTER UP (7 ver.)’, ‘DREAM’, and ‘Stuck In The Middle (Remix)’.

With this album, BABYMONSTER will embark on vigorous activities, including music shows, broadcast appearances, and fan signings to become more familiar to domestic fans. Furthermore, they will expand their global reach with a fan meeting tour starting in Tokyo, Japan, and extending to Jakarta, Indonesia; Singapore; Taipei, Taiwan; Bangkok, Thailand; and participating in Japan’s largest music festival, ‘Summer Sonic 2024’.