BABYMONSTER Releases MV Teaser of RORA Full of Charisma


BABYMONSTER Releases MV Teaser of RORA Full of Charisma

The individual teaser for RORA, a member of YG’s eagerly awaited new girl group BABYMONSTER, has been unveiled.

On the 24th, YG Entertainment posted “BABYMONSTER – ‘SHEESH’ TEASER | RORA” on their official social media. Following AHYEON, RUKA, and CHIQUITA, RORA steps up as the fourth to reveal her dazzling visuals and a captivating aura that sticks in the mind.

Armed with unique charisma, RORA immediately captures the viewer’s attention. Her deep gazes and ever-changing expressions create a strong attraction, while her horn-shaped hairstyle and silver accessories associated with BABYMONSTER conjure a dreamlike atmosphere.

Especially notable is the addition of the lyrics “BABY I’mma MONSTER” in the introduction, following the previously revealed chorus, which has heightened fans’ heart rates. The catchy tone and vocals, though brief, leave a lasting impact, peeling back another layer of curiosity about the full song and the performances it will unveil.

The release of such distinctive teaser content day by day has escalated global fans’ expectations to their peak. With the dark mood of the sets, the members’ mature visuals, and their profound expressiveness, interest is surging in the new concepts and music they will present.

BABYMONSTER’s debut mini-album [BABYMONS7ER], set to be released on April 1st at midnight, contains a total of 7 tracks. The title track ‘SHEESH’ is a hip-hop dance song with a baroque-style piano melody and a majestic synthesizer sound standing out.

Marking this album, BABYMONSTER will engage in active promotions, including appearances on music programs, broadcast activities, and fan signing events, aiming to become more familiar to domestic fans. Additionally, starting with Tokyo, Japan, the group plans to expand their global fan base through fan meeting tours in five Asian regions including Jakarta, Singapore, Taipei, and Bangkok, Thailand, and participation in Japan’s largest music festival, ‘Summer Sonic 2024’.