BABYMONSTER Unveils All Teasers, with RAMI as the Final Reveal


BABYMONSTER Unveils All Teasers, with RAMI as the Final Reveal

YG Entertainment’s new girl group BABYMONSTER has finally released the music video teasers for all seven members, heralding a dazzling full-group debut.

On March 27, YG Entertainment posted “BABYMONSTER – ‘SHEESH’ TEASER | RAMI” on their official social media. Following AHYEON, RUKA, CHIQUITA, RORA, ASA, and PHARITA, RAMI steps up as the final member to showcase her unique charisma in the teaser.

From her very appearance, RAMI’s hip-hop aura explodes. Her styling, featuring a rider jacket and a spiked choker, radiates intense charm. Her changing expressions, eye movements, and trendy gestures offer an immersive experience that’s hard to resist.

The response to the completed chorus puzzle is also hot. It adds a sensual melody line that follows the previously released version. In particular, RORA’s unique voice and the lyrics “Go ahead and laugh, it’s my turn now” hint at BABYMONSTER’s confident self-assurance, raising curiosity about the full song.

This promotional strategy of gradually releasing the new song’s sound is unusual for YG but has garnered positive responses from fans. The title, which uses an exclamation of amazement, has fans eagerly anticipating the seven-member group’s complete musical world.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER will release their first mini-album [BABYMONS7ER] on April 1 at midnight, featuring a total of seven tracks. The title song ‘SHEESH’ is a hip-hop track with a strong and dark concept. The choreography was completed with the participation of top crews from both home and abroad, with the main choreography by Bada, the leader of the winning team from Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’. With this album, BABYMONSTER is expected to become familiar to domestic fans through active promotions, including music programs, broadcast activities, and fan signing events.