BABYMONSTER Official Debut Tonight at Midnight…To Showcase Full Group Synergy with ‘SHEESH’


BABYMONSTER Official Debut Tonight at Midnight…To Showcase Full Group Synergy with ‘SHEESH’

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER (RUKA, PHARITA, ASA, AHYEON, RAMI, RORA, CHIQUITA) is set to make their official debut tonight at midnight (April 1st at 00:00). Having warmed up with ‘BATTER UP’ and ‘Stuck In The Middle’, the group is finally taking their first step as a complete entity, drawing global attention from music fans everywhere.

From the album title [BABYMONS7ER] that prominently features the team’s name, BABYMONSTER’s confidence is evident. This first mini album showcases the boundless potential of the new generation (BABY) set to represent YG’s future, along with the confident monster-like abilities that complete their musical world as a group of seven.

#Shaking the Global Music Market with ‘SHEESH’ Vocal and Performance

With their title track ‘SHEESH’, BABYMONSTER aims to astonish the world, embodying YG’s unique identity within the hip-hop dance genre. The track melds Baroque-style piano melodies with grandiose synthesizer sounds to deliver an overwhelming experience.

Despite being newcomers, their polished skills breathe life into the song. The sensually toned verses draw listeners in from the start, quickly transitioning to explosive vocals and catchy rapping that shift the atmosphere, delivering a thrilling pleasure.

The performance expected to maximize the song’s charm is also highly anticipated. YG EXECUTIVE PRODUCER YANG HYUN SUK personally made the final decision on the choreography, with top choreographers, including those from the ballet world, contributing to a highly anticipated outcome. The powerful arm movements and kicks in sync with the repeated “SHEESH” in the chorus, along with the unique grooviness and swagger in the group dance during the bridge, promise an intensely addictive experience.

#Filling the Album with a Diverse Spectrum of Seven Songs

The seven tracks included in the album highlight BABYMONSTER’s limitless spectrum. From ‘MONSTERS’, expressing the team’s identity with strong beats and intense synths, to the dark hip-hop mood of the title track ‘SHEESH’, and the pop genre ‘LIKE THAT’ in collaboration with global artist Charlie Puth, their versatile charm is perfectly encapsulated.

Special points of interest include ‘Stuck In The Middle (7 ver.)’ and ‘BATTER UP (7 ver.)’, enriched by AHYEON’s vocals, and ‘DREAM’, capturing their journey to debut. ‘Stuck In The Middle (Remix)’ offers a fresh mood different from the original through its lively arrangement.

#Complete Seven-Member Line-up with AHYEON, Aiming for Global Fans’ Hearts

The inclusion of ‘all-rounder of certainty’ AHYEON has already added momentum to the global popularity surge. Indeed, BABYMONSTER’s pre-debut teaser content has amassed close to 86 million views, indicating their remarkable momentum. With ‘SHEESH’, the anticipation for the new history they will write is high.

Now a complete seven-member group, BABYMONSTER embarks on aggressive activities following this mini album release. They are set to raise the heartbeat of domestic fans with music show debuts and diverse content appearances. Moreover, their first fan meeting tour across five Asian regions and participation in Japan’s largest music festival ‘Summer Sonic’ will solidify their status as performance powerhouses and lay the groundwork for their global leap.

BABYMONSTER will host a ‘Debut Countdown Special’ one hour before the album release, at 11 PM today. It will be simultaneously broadcasted on official YouTube, Weverse, and Naver, sharing a variety of stories from album introductions to behind-the-scenes work.