BABYMONSTER Takes on ‘Inkigayo’ on April 7 for Their First-Ever Music Show Appearance


BABYMONSTER Takes on ‘Inkigayo’ on April 7 for Their First-Ever Music Show Appearance

YG Entertainment’s new girl group, BABYMONSTER, has chosen SBS’s “Inkigayo” for their debut music show performance.

According to YG Entertainment on April 2nd, BABYMONSTER will appear on SBS’s “Inkigayo” broadcast on April 7 to perform “SHEESH” live. This marks their first music show appearance and signifies the official start of their full-fledged domestic activities following their complete debut, drawing intense interest from music fans worldwide.

The title track “SHEESH” from BABYMONSTER’s first mini-album showcases a hip-hop dance song featuring baroque-style piano melodies and majestic synthesizer sounds. The ambitious lyrics, addictive hook, and surprising song structure are elevated by top-tier choreographers, including Bada, enhancing the performance quality.

The seven members’ exceptional talents have been proven through their debut reality show and various self-produced videos. In particular, the point choreography of “SHEESH,” including the “tornado dance” and the “kicking dance,” has received positive responses, hinting at a challenge trend and capturing fans’ hearts with their dazzling performances.

With their full group debut, BABYMONSTER plans to visit their domestic fans with a variety of content alongside their music show appearance. YG mentioned, “You can look forward to the synergy created by the seven members,” and requested much interest in their future activities.

Released on April 1, the music video for “SHEESH” quickly topped the list of ‘Most Viewed Videos in 24 Hours’ and surpassed 10 million views in just 8 hours, now exceeding 29.44 million views, solidifying their presence as the next ‘YouTube Queens.’ The song also topped the iTunes charts in six regions, securing top positions on the worldwide album charts.

Furthermore, BABYMONSTER is set to engage more closely with fans worldwide through a fan meeting tour covering five Asian regions (Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok) and will expand their global presence by performing at Japan’s largest music festival, ‘Summer Sonic 2024’.