YG’s New Girl Group BABYMONSTER Unveils Full ‘SHEESH’ Performance


YG’s New Girl Group BABYMONSTER Unveils Full ‘SHEESH’ Performance

The full version of YG’s rookie girl group BABYMONSTER’s ‘SHEESH’ performance has been unveiled for the first time.

YG Entertainment posted the ‘BABYMONSTER – ‘SHEESH’ PERFORMANCE VIDEO’ on its official blog on April 5th. This video showcases the synergy of the seven members coming together to maximize the charm of the choreography, making it a YG-produced stage video in its own right.

Dressed in black and white training gear, BABYMONSTER exuded a hip yet sporty charm. Their smooth yet precise expressiveness stood out, with facial expressions and dense choreography that changed constantly to the sound, adding various layers of fun and making it impossible to look away even for a moment.

The chorus section, which came with explosive energy and relentless intensity, offered a thrilling sensation. The point choreography, using arms and legs, was executed flawlessly, and the members’ smooth control of strength and softness enhanced the dynamic appeal of the song.

Particularly, the spot-on lighting added vitality to their performance. Minimalist white-toned horizons reflecting lyrics, along with stylish camera movements, combined with their overwhelming precision in dance moves, leaving a strong impact.

The ‘SHEESH’ performance was personally finalized by Chief Producer Yang Hyun-suk, and was completed in collaboration with top choreographers, including BADA LEE. The point choreography has been praised for its deep addictiveness and quickly became a word-of-mouth favorite among global fans. In fact, on platforms like TikTok, cover and challenge videos tagged with related hashtags have easily surpassed one million.