TREASURE’s “Shining Solo” Secures Expansion on Eight Japanese Platforms


TREASURE’s “Shining Solo” Secures Expansion on Eight Japanese Platforms

On April 5th, YG Entertainment announced that TREASURE’s variety show “Shining Solo” has secured additional slots on eight Japanese OTT platforms, including Amazon Prime Video—known for its high usage rate in Japan—Kansai TV, Videomarket, and Crank In! Video, among others.

The program previously reached an all-time high in daily viewership for a K-pop variety show on Remino, a major platform in Japan, and achieved first place in the overall popularity rankings for all four episodes. Despite the program’s multiple episodes, it has maintained exceptionally high viewership, a remarkable feat highlighted by Remino.

Additionally, “Shining Solo” has demonstrated TREASURE’s immense global popularity by clinching the top spot in Thailand’s oneD variety section for four consecutive weeks and securing high rankings in Taiwan’s friDay Video variety section. With the addition of more platforms, expectations are high for the show’s continued success.

“Shining Solo” is a romantic survival series that aims to find TREASURE’s top ‘jewel boy.’ Over four days at TREASURE CASTLE, the members showcase their charm and compete for the affection of female contestants. Part 2, featuring CHOI HYUN SUK, YOSHI, DOYOUNG, PARK JEONG WOO, and SO JUNG HWAN, is scheduled to air at 12:30 AM on April 7th on SBS.

On April 4th, YG Entertainment released a personal poster of CHOI HYUN SUK for “Shining Solo” Part 2 on its official blog. With a monochrome suit, bold accessories, and a beanie, CHOI HYUN SUK is set to captivate audiences with his unique hip aura and the new charms he will reveal through the variety universe.