TREASURE Tops Japan’s Oricon Chart, Wins Three Awards at ‘ASEA 2024’ Confirming Their Status as a Global Trendsetter


TREASURE Tops Japan’s Oricon Chart, Wins Three Awards at ‘ASEA 2024’ Confirming Their Status as a Global Trendsetter

TREASURE has proven their mettle as global artists by clinching three awards at ‘ASEA 2024’.

The ‘1st Asia Star Entertainer Awards 2024’ (ASIA STAR ENTERTAINER AWARDS, ASEA 2024) took place on the 10th at K Arena Yokohama, Yokohama City, Japan.

At the awards, TREASURE won the ‘Platinum of Worldwide’ award for their high album sales among other accolades, ‘The Best Hip Hop’, and ‘The Best Touring Artist’, achieving a triple crown.

Last year, TREASURE released their second full album ‘REBOOT’, embarked on a major Asia tour, and engaged in global activities, including unit T5. ‘REBOOT’ surpassed 1.88 million copies (according to Circle Chart), reaching the million-seller milestone and marking a career high. Their third Japanese mini-album ‘REBOOT -JP SPECIAL SELECTION-‘ topped Japan’s largest music site Oricon Chart and Billboard Japan.

TREASURE’s global achievements aren’t new. Their first original Japanese single ‘Here I Stand’ reached the top of Japan’s Hot 100. Since their debut, all three Japanese albums released by TREASURE have ranked first on the Oricon Chart and Line Music.

After completing their first arena tour in January last year, TREASURE set a new record for attracting the largest audience for a K-pop artist’s first tour in Japan. They achieved the remarkable feat of performing at the ‘Tokyo Dome’ through ‘2023 TREASURE FAN MEETINGHELLO AGAIN’. Recently, they concluded their second large-scale tour in Japan, ‘2024 TREASURE TOUR [REBOOT] IN JAPAN’, in seven cities for a total of 16 shows, further proving their reputation as live performers.

Following last year’s ‘Golden Disc Awards’ and winning two awards at ‘MAMA’, TREASURE added three more trophies to their collection, solidifying their position as YG’s leading next-generation global artists. Upon receiving the awards, TREASURE said, “Thanks to our fans, TREASURE MAKER, we were able to receive this award. Having you all makes us receive more awards and feel a greater sense of responsibility as artists. We will work hard to show a better side of us.”

Moreover, TREASURE is expanding their global influence and interacting with more fans through the Asia tour ‘2024 TREASURE RELAY TOUR-REBOOT’. Starting in Manila on May 4, they will perform in five cities including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta, for a total of eight shows. Especially in Bangkok, Thailand, the presale tickets sold out instantly, and to show gratitude for the fans’ support, an additional show was decided, proving their global ticket power.

In addition, TREASURE is meeting with viewers through the romantic survival variety show ‘Shining Solo’. ‘Shining Solo’ has been ranked first in popularity for four weeks on Japan’s major OTT platform Lemino and maintains top rankings on Thailand’s oneD and Taiwan’s friDay Video, contributing to their rising global popularity.