BABYMONSTER Proves Perfect Live Performance on ‘it’s Live’


BABYMONSTER Proves Perfect Live Performance on ‘it’s Live’

BABYMONSTER showcased a high-quality live performance that captured the audience’s attention. On April 11, they appeared on the YouTube channel ‘It’s Live’ and Mnet’s music program ‘M Countdown,’ where they performed the title track ‘SHEESH’ from their first mini-album. Following a successful start on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ that drew explosive reactions from music fans, their latest performances were also the focus of considerable interest.

‘It’s Live’ featured a band session arrangement that highlighted BABYMONSTER’s skills authentically. The members’ distinctive vocal tones harmonized perfectly with the session musicians, and their impactful rap parts demonstrated that they are a fully-formed girl group with YG DNA.

Their enjoyment of the music brought smiles to viewers’ faces. The performances were particularly charming with key dance moves and moments of the members syncing perfectly, smiling at one another. As the atmosphere heated up, the latter half of the performance exploded with high notes, delivering a thrilling sensation.

On Mnet’s ‘M Countdown,’ BABYMONSTER delivered a flawless performance that thrilled everyone. Despite the complexity of their choreography, they captured every detail, dominating the stage and maximizing the song’s appeal with their dark charisma.

The unique efforts of BABYMONSTER are heating up the passion of K-pop fans. Comments like “This is what a YG artist is,” and “Their rap, vocals, and stage presence are too good to be newbies,” reflect the enthusiastic response. With every performance, they are drawing explosive view counts, and this trend is expected to continue.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER’s ‘SHEESH’ has been maintaining its position in the top ranks of the Spotify Daily Top Songs Global chart for ten days. After its first music show performance was released, it shot up to a peak position of 68 from 82, signaling a potential long-running popularity.