TREASURE’s Part 2 Takes Top Spot on Japan’s Lemino Rankings


TREASURE’s Part 2 Takes Top Spot on Japan’s Lemino Rankings

TREASURE announced a promising start for their new project “Shining Solo” Part 2, as it topped the charts on Japan’s OTT platform Lemino.

According to YG Entertainment, the variety show “Shining Solo” achieved the number one spot on one of Japan’s key OTT platforms, Lemino, immediately following the release of its first episode of Part 2. This marks another successful premiere on this platform.

Previously released Part 1 had set the record for the highest daily viewership among K-pop variety shows on Lemino, with all four episodes securing the top ranking. Moreover, it dominated the entertainment category in Thailand on oneD for four consecutive weeks and ranked high in the entertainment section on Taiwan’s friDay Video.

Part 2 continues the entertainment universe of “Shining Solo”, featuring members CHOI HYUN SUK, YOSHI, DOYOUNG, PARK JEONG WOO, and SO JUNG HWAN transformed into ordinary young men. The delicate and affectionate side of the five members, along with their efforts to engage naturally in conversations, has revealed a new charm distinct from Part 1.

Thanks to this, the domestic viewership has also doubled compared to the premiere episode of previous parts. TREASURE’s ongoing expansion from music to variety shows is gaining momentum, and “Shining Solo” Part 2 is expected to continue receiving steady love from viewers worldwide.

Meanwhile, “Shining Solo” is a romantic survival show to determine TREASURE’s ultimate “gem”. The members spend four days at TREASURECASTLE, showcasing their charm and vying for the affection of female participants. The show airs every Sunday at 12:30 AM on SBS and is simultaneously broadcast on various global platforms. In Japan, the show enjoys explosive popularity, now available on eight OTT services including Amazon Prime Video, which boasts the highest utilization rate locally.