YG BABYMONSTER Release Debut Album Documentary: AHYEON Joins, Completes Group Synergy


YG BABYMONSTER Release Debut Album Documentary: AHYEON Joins, Completes Group Synergy

The debut album production journey of YG Entertainment (YG) group BABYMONSTER has been revealed.

On May 9, YG presented ‘YG PRODUCTION EP.1 The Making of BABYMONSTER’s “SHEESH”’, offering a glimpse into the efforts and passion of YG producers and members.

‘BABYMONS7ER’ was created through the free collaboration of many producers who share YG’s DNA and vision. CHOICE37 emphasized that the core value of YG’s producing system is “supporting artists to find their own color and grow,” and explained that he has been focused on this value throughout the project.

The producers have been collaborating with BABYMONSTER since their trainee stage, discovering their potential. They proposed imagery that came to mind when singing along to the members’ voices and helped create ad-libs that would add charm to the songs.

BABYMONSTER’s official debut title track ‘SHEESH,’ initially an organic composition, gradually transformed into a complete piece through the joint efforts of YG producers. CHOICE37 and Sonny worked on the verse and pre-chorus, while LP put a lot of effort into maximizing the impact of the drop part.

YG EXECUTIVE PRODUCER YANG HYUN SUK also stepped in to assist. He contributed to enhancing the diversity of the second verse, allowing ASA, RUKA, and AHYEON’s rap parts to gain immense love from music fans. Additionally, he directly arranged the final hook, which hadn’t yet produced satisfying results despite dozens of revisions, adding a grand atmosphere and a whispering charm from the members.

BABYMONSTER, who showcased their honed skills and perfect 7-member synergy with AHYEON’s inclusion, completed the entire process. The producers expressed exceptional trust in the members with comments like, “They perfectly delivered the intended emotions,” “They have an amazing vocal tone,” and “They present a performance completed solely with their voices.”

YG plans to engrave BABYMONSTER’s ever-growing skills through the next new song. CHOICE37 conveyed gratitude to the fans, saying, “I will strive to fully showcase the members’ skills and individuality,” and added, “We can make music and share it with everyone thanks to your support.”

BABYMONSTER’s ‘BABYMONS7ER’ set a new record for first-week album sales by a K-pop girl group debut album, with 401,287 copies sold in a week. The ‘SHEESH’ music video surpassed 100 million views on YouTube in 10 days and 200 million views in 33 days, breaking the record for the fastest K-pop girl group debut music video to reach this milestone. The song has also remained in the top ranks of Spotify’s daily song chart for 37 consecutive days.