TREASURE Confirms Comeback on May 28 Amid Successful Tour and Busy Schedule


TREASURE Confirms Comeback on May 28 Amid Successful Tour and Busy Schedule

Group TREASURE has confirmed their comeback for May 28 at 6:00 PM.

YG Entertainment announced on their official blog today, “TREASURE – COMEBACK SPOILER Ⅱ,” signaling a significant change in ambiance from the previous teaser “MY LOVE IS LIKE ________,” which hinted at a love-related concept. The current poster increases tension with its striking message, “WARNING WILD BEHAVIOR DETECTED,” suggesting a powerful presence nearby. The deep red background and the exclamation mark embedded in the TREASURE logo enhance immersion.

Further details can be glimpsed at the bottom of the poster, warning about a recent “large-scale vibration event.” However, the cause is obscured due to poster damage, which only amplifies the mystery and anticipation.

Anticipation is already at its peak with the contrasting moods of the teasers unveiled each day. While no information other than the release date has been disclosed, the intriguing elements are garnering enthusiastic responses from the fans, fueling speculation about what concepts and messages TREASURE will use to captivate their audience.

Currently, TREASURE is conducting their second Asia tour, the “2024 TREASURE RELAY TOUR ‘REBOOT’,” spanning five cities and nine shows. After successfully concluding their first performance in Manila, they are set to meet fans in Hong Kong on the 18th, Bangkok from the 23rd to the 26th, Kuala Lumpur on June 22, and Jakarta on June 29 and 30. From July, they will begin a fan meeting tour in Japan, aiming to further boost their global popularity.