TREASURE Proves Their Live Performance Skills with the Debut of ‘KING KONG’ Stage


TREASURE Proves Their Live Performance Skills with the Debut of ‘KING KONG’ Stage

TREASURE captured the eyes and ears of their global fans with an overwhelming live performance and intense energy during the premiere of their ‘KING KONG’ stage on a music show. The group appeared on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ on May 30, where they first unveiled their new digital single ‘KING KONG’. The complete performance, not fully revealed in the music video, attracted fervent interest from the fans.

Dressed in striking black and red outfits, they exuded a remarkable presence from the moment they appeared. The members delivered thrilling excitement at every turn with their matured visuals, vibrant vocals using handheld microphones, and captivating raps that resonated with the audience.

The stage mastery, enriched by their extensive touring experience, continuously drew admiration. The choreography, symbolizing ‘King Kong’, blended with dynamic and energetic crumping movements, was enhanced by the members’ expressive performance. A peak dance break section was so compelling that it was impossible for the audience to look away.

TREASURE’s new digital single ‘KING KONG’, released on May 28, has topped the iTunes song charts in 18 countries and also dominated the top spot on Japan’s Rakuten Music and AWA real-time charts. The music video, acclaimed for its artistic visuals, quickly secured a top position on YouTube’s ‘Most Viewed Videos in 24 Hours’, continuing to gain popularity.

Meanwhile, TREASURE is currently on their second Asia tour, the ‘2024 TREASURE RELAY TOUR [REBOOT]’, which spans 5 cities with 9 shows. Having successfully completed concerts in Manila, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, they will be moving to Kuala Lumpur on June 22 and Jakarta on June 29-30. Starting in July, they will also begin a fan meeting tour in Japan.