TREASURE to Release ‘KING KONG’ Performance Video on June 7, Revealing Intense Silhouettes in the Dark


TREASURE will premiere the performance video for their new song ‘KING KONG’ on June 7 at midnight. YG Entertainment released a teaser poster on their official blog on June 4, featuring a dimly lit space illuminated by spotlights and thick smoke, hinting at the intense atmosphere of the video.

Expectations from music fans are sky-high. TREASURE has already proven their mastery on stage with mature and commanding performances in previous music broadcasts, alongside their precision in dance formations. The performances, which highlight the inherent charm of the choreography, are anticipated to receive positive reactions from fans.

The ‘KING KONG’ performance was crafted collaboratively by choreographers including Sienna, Kinjaz, Taryn, and HITECH, enhancing its dynamism with hard-hitting beats and a powerful bass sound infused with elements of the Krump dance style. This performance whirls non-stop, delivering a thrilling sensation.

Particularly, the choreography for the chorus that symbolizes ‘King Kong’ and a complex dance break at the end have been well-received. Coupled with the high-quality production system of YG, there is keen interest in the outcome of this project.

TREASURE released the digital single ‘KING KONG’ on May 28. The track has topped iTunes song charts in 18 countries and reached the top of real-time charts on Japan’s Rakuten Music and AWA, showcasing its overwhelming popularity. The music video has seen a rapid increase in views, surpassing 23 million on YouTube.

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