TREASURE Captivates with Powerful Live Performance on ‘it’s Live’, Demonstrating Unmatched Skill


TREASURE stole the hearts of music fans worldwide with their powerful live performance, truly living up to their reputation as ‘stage artisans’. On May 31st, TREASURE performed their new digital single ‘KING KONG’ on the YouTube channel ‘it’s Live’. The anticipation was high especially after their dynamic hand microphone live performance on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ the previous day.

From the start, the members’ energetic shouts and gestures elevated the atmosphere, set against a band session arrangement. The trendy melody intertwined with sophisticated vocal tones and powerful singing made listening enjoyable, while the hip-hop vibe of the rap part enhanced the dynamic appeal of the song.

Their relaxed gestures fully embraced the joy of the performance, epitomizing the essence of a ‘stage artisan’. The members perfectly synchronized with each other through eye contact, spicing up the excitement with pointed choreography and flamboyant ad-libs. In the latter half, ASAHI’s dance break combined with an explosive crowd sing-along delivered a powerful catharsis, adding a charming King Kong ending pose for a twist.

Released on May 28th, TREASURE’s new song ‘KING KONG’ topped the iTunes Song Chart in 18 countries and dominated the top spot on Japan’s Rakuten Music and AWA real-time charts. The overwhelming scale of the music video and the Mnet ‘M Countdown’ stage performance video have also been well-received, contributing to their rising popularity.

Major international media outlets are taking notice of TREASURE’s successful comeback. On May 28th (local time), Billboard praised ‘KING KONG’, stating, “With its addictive chorus, intense rap, and dynamic vocals, this track is an explosion of K-pop maximalism. The music video, utilizing cinematic themes, is equally compelling with powerful choreography and expressive looks.”

Meanwhile, TREASURE is currently engaged in their second Asia tour, the ‘2024 TREASURE RELAY TOUR [REBOOT]’, spanning five cities and nine shows. After successful performances in Manila, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, they are set to move on to Kuala Lumpur on June 22nd and Jakarta on June 29th and 30th. Additionally, they will start a fan meeting tour in Japan from July.