TREASURE Launches New Original Content ‘Re:all TREASURE’


TREASURE Launches New Original Content ‘Re:all TREASURE’

TREASURE has unveiled a behind-the-scenes video of the ‘KING KONG’ music video through their new original content series, ‘Re:all TREASURE’. YG Entertainment posted the first episode of ‘[Re:all TREASURE] EP.1 ‘KING KONG’ M/V Behind The Scenes’ on their official blog on June 8th, marking the debut of a newly enhanced quality reality series.

The video kicks off with a challenging underwater dance sequence, showcasing the members’ professionalism as they flawlessly execute the complex choreography, even amidst unexpected disruptions, earning awe from viewers.

Secrets of the blockbuster-like music video set were also revealed, including HARUTO’s rooftop scene and DOYOUNG’s chase scene, which displayed impressive scales that left the members feeling exhilarated, as they commented on the grandeur of the set.

Meanwhile, TREASURE is currently conducting their second Asia tour, ‘2024 TREASURE RELAY TOUR [REBOOT]’, covering five cities in nine sessions. Starting in July, they will begin a fan meeting tour in Japan.