BABYMONSTER Set for a Rapid Comeback on July 1 with a New Project


BABYMONSTER Set for a Rapid Comeback on July 1 with a New Project

 YG Entertainment’s girl group BABYMONSTER has teased a new project that will kick off the second half of 2024. On June 17, YG Entertainment posted an intriguing message on its official blog titled “RSVP by July 1st, 2024.” This message, placed over an image that resembles a global invitation, prominently features the date and time “July 1, 12:00 AM,” sparking curiosity among fans worldwide.

While specific details remain under wraps, the anticipation among BABYMONSTER’s global fanbase is uniquely high. Since their official debut in April with their first mini album, [BABYMONSTER 1st MINI ALBUM], BABYMONSTER has been actively engaging fans with robust promotions, a variety of content, and music show appearances, particularly with their track ‘LIKE THAT.’

BABYMONSTER has been building a solid musical reputation through their overwhelming capabilities, not only in music but also across YouTube and various entertainment platforms, thus broadening their interaction with the public. With over 5.91 million YouTube subscribers and nearing the 6 million mark, the impact they have made in the music industry has fans eagerly awaiting what the new project will entail.

Furthermore, the fast-paced plans for the latter half of the year are also drawing significant attention. BABYMONSTER is currently on a fan meeting tour, which includes ten sessions across six cities. Additionally, YG EXECUTIVE PRODUCER YANG HYUN SUK has stepped forward to promise the release of their first full album this fall, indicating an even more active engagement with their fans.

Meanwhile, after successfully completing their debut fan meeting tour ‘[BABYMONSTER PRESENTS: SEE YOU THERE]’ in Tokyo, Indonesia, and Singapore, BABYMONSTER will move on to Taipei on June 23, Bangkok on June 29-30, and Kobe on July 30-31. In August, they are set to perform at Japan’s largest music festival, ‘Summer Sonic 2024,’ further expanding their global reach.