AKMU Delivers Everything They’ve Ever Wanted at Unique 10th Anniversary Concert


AKMU Delivers Everything They’ve Ever Wanted at Unique 10th Anniversary Concert

“Together until our hair turns grey,” AKMU promises eternity.

On the afternoon of June 16, AKMU (LEE CHANHYUK, LEE SUHYUN) hosted their ‘2024 AKMU 10th Anniversary Concert 10VE’ at the KSPO DOME in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul (formerly the Olympic Gymnastics Arena).

AKMU opened with “Long Day and Night” setting the tone with dozens of choir members, boasting beautiful harmonies. The uniqueness lay in their approach to rearrange every song into a musical style, unfamiliar to their fans. AKMU produced a rich sound with a high-quality live band session and an orchestra.

No one disputes AKMU’s singing abilities. Although many of their hits are instantly recognizable just from the intro, a typical stage setup could have turned mundane. However, AKMU’s performance was far from typical. The duo, alongside musical actors, created a movie-like atmosphere on stage and delivered a multi-sensory performance.

AKMU was serious about their stage setup. To maximize the musical atmosphere, they installed synthetic grass and set up trees and hills in the background, inviting the audience into a forest-like setting, capturing both auditory and visual pleasure.

Moreover, marking their 10th debut anniversary, AKMU unveiled a musical world that encompassed their journey, introducing hits, songs from their third mini-album, and unreleased tracks for the first time.

Typically, K-pop artists interact with the audience after 3-4 opening songs at a concert. They drink water and share brief remarks before preparing for the next stage.

However, AKMU was different. They continued the concert well into the middle without a break, maintaining a flow filled with beautiful melodies. Only after their tenth song, “Is it Ramen?” did they finally speak.

“Are you having fun?” LEE CHANHYUK started, “I hope you came with a relaxed, picnic-like mindset. More than just a place to listen to AKMU’s songs, I wanted this to be a performance where you recharge and fill up with love. Are you enjoying it? We certainly are,” he said. He reflected on the previous day’s concert, expressing how thrilled he was and the bittersweet feeling of it ending.

LEE SUHYUN also shared her thoughts, “Our debut album had a fairy-in-the-forest concept. We tried to recreate these elements through our stage production. It’s like going back in time ten years or hopping into a time machine with the audience.”

AKMU, a duo sibling group signed to YG Entertainment after winning ‘K-pop Star Season 2’ on SBS in April 2013, celebrated their 10th anniversary this year. They commemorated a decade in music by performing a medley of their hits from the show, including “Crescendo,” “On the Subway,” “Foreigner’s Confession,” and “Little Star.”

For the occasion, the siblings adopted visuals reminiscent of their appearance from ten years ago, with LEE CHANHYUK donning round glasses and LEE SUHYUN wearing a scarf on her head. LEE SUHYUN commented, “I tried on these clothes to reminisce about the 14-year-old SUHYUN and the 17-year-old CHANHYUK. It feels quite nostalgic. Brother, you’ve become really cool. I wanted to recreate the 14-year-old me, but I regret that I don’t have any trademarks like brother’s glasses, mouth, or suspenders.” LEE CHANHYUK playfully retorted, “You mean when I was 14, not 4, right? Was my mouth really a trademark?”

LEE SUHYUN jokingly lamented not recreating that particular look, adding, “I thought it would have been better if I could push my lips forward like this, but it’s too late now,” which left the audience in stitches.

As the concert moved into its second half, a middle-aged man appeared on stage announcing himself as the officiator. He declared, “These two promise to be together until their hair turns gray, in front of the AKMU fans,” essentially vowing a lifelong partnership for AKMU.

The concert was further brightened by surprise guests. At the first show on the 15th, LEE HYORI shocked the audience by appearing as a guest. The second show featured IU as the guest star. IU wowed the crowd with her rendition of “The Meaning of You” and exclaimed, “I’d like to hear AKKADEMIES’ voices!” prompting a sing-along. IU shared her admiration for AKMU, “The seats are filled without a single empty spot. It’s amazing. I’m also a fan of AKMU, wishing to watch them from here. I was a guest at their first concert, and it’s such an honor to greet you again on their 10th anniversary.”

IU praised AKMU’s decade in music, “It feels like my own family has done well. I first saw them when they were 16 and 19. Now, they’re among Korea’s top musicians, filling up gymnastic stadiums. I’m proud of them. You all sing along well and respond nicely to the talks.”

Not forgetting her own events, IU quipped, “My concert is also fun, so make sure to come next time,” then playfully added, “I peeked at the AKMU concert setlist, and the latter half was even more exciting. It’s a pity they didn’t include me for ‘Falling’.” She then briefly sang a line from “Falling” before continuing with “Blooming,” hoping everyone would enjoy the rest of the evening.

The concert, titled ’10VE’—a blend of 10 years and love—was infused with AKMU’s heartfelt sincerity. Deeply engaging with music fans, the duo personally managed everything from the setlist to arrangements, direction, and stage design.

Moreover, the event was planned as a sustainable performance, considering environmental and social impacts. Measures like measuring greenhouse gas emissions from the concert and improving accessibility with strategic staff placements added meaning, as YG Entertainment monitored these efforts through the principles of sustainable performance, continually seeking improvements for future endeavors.

Meanwhile, on June 3rd, AKMU released their third mini-album, ‘LOVE EPISODE’.