BABYMONSTER Announces New Single ‘FOREVER’ for Rapid Comeback on July 1st


BABYMONSTER Announces New Single ‘FOREVER’ for Rapid Comeback on July 1st

BABYMONSTER is set to return this summer with their digital single ‘FOREVER.’

YG Entertainment officially revealed the new song title ‘FOREVER’ on their blog today and announced that the track will be released at midnight on July 1st.

The poster featuring an invitation adorned with the BABYMONSTER logo and a pair of sparkling steel shoes has caught the eye. The simple yet sophisticated vibe is striking, linking to the previous teaser marked with ‘RSVP,’ heightening curiosity about the new song’s concept.

Notably, the mood is quite different from the energetic charm and limitless versatility in genres like hip-hop and pop ballads that BABYMONSTER has shown before. Fans are eagerly anticipating what kind of unique transformation will capture their hearts this time.

No specific details about the new song, aside from its title, have been released yet. However, considering it’s been just three months since their debut with the first mini-album [BABYMONSTER 1st MINI ALBUM] on April 1st, and this being their first summer release, global fan interest is particularly high.

In other news, BABYMONSTER is currently on their first fan meeting tour, ‘[BABYMONSTER PRESENTS: SEE YOU THERE],’ successfully covering 10 sessions across six cities. In August, they are set to enhance their global presence by performing at Japan’s largest music festival, ‘Summer Sonic 2024.’