Will BABYMONSTER Become the Next ‘YouTube Queens’ Like BLACKPINK? Subscribers on a Sharp Rise


Will BABYMONSTER Become the Next ‘YouTube Queens’ Like BLACKPINK? Subscribers on a Sharp Rise

YG Entertainment’s rookie girl group BABYMONSTER released the full version of their ‘FOREVER’ performance for the first time today.

In the video, BABYMONSTER appeared in two contrasting outfits—one black and the other colorful—showcasing their unique visual appeal and captivating attention. The rhythmic beat matched with the seven members’ intricate dance moves, perfectly timed with the lighting, made it impossible to look away.

The music video’s runway scene set, featuring a moon object, heightened the immersion. The artistic direction enhanced their confident aura significantly. Notably, the latter part of the song, where the atmosphere shifts, saw the members’ perfect coordination deliver a thrilling chill, leaving a strong impact.

The ‘FOREVER’ performance was choreographed by Jonine, Chae Dasom, Badari, and KYLE HANAGAMI, among others. The catchy choreographic highlights placed throughout the dynamic beats delivered a refreshing thrill perfect for the hot summer, as critics have noted.

BABYMONSTER released their new song ‘FOREVER’ on July 1. This track has ranked high on the iTunes World Song Chart and reached the top of the rising chart on China’s largest music site, QQ Music. The music video became ‘the most viewed video within 24 hours’ on YouTube, surpassing 32 million views. The group’s official channel has seen a steep increase in subscribers, now exceeding 6.23 million.

BABYMONSTER is currently on their first fan meeting tour, ‘[BABYMONSTER PRESENTS: SEE YOU THERE],’ covering 12 sessions across seven cities in Asia. On August 10 and 11, they will move to Seoul for a grand finale at Kyung Hee University’s Peace Hall.