TREASURE Releases Behind-the-Scenes of ‘KING KONG’ Performance – Flawless Choreography Captured


TREASURE Releases Behind-the-Scenes of ‘KING KONG’ Performance – Flawless Choreography Captured

TREASURE has captivated global fans with their utmost passion for delivering top-notch performances. YG Entertainment revealed on their official blog on July 5th, the behind-the-scenes video titled ‘[Re:all TREASURE] EP.2 ‘KING KONG’ DANCE PERFORMANCE VIDEO Behind The Scenes’. This video showcased the high-quality production and overwhelming charisma of the ‘KING KONG’ performance, eliciting enthusiastic responses from fans.

Dressed in techwear, TREASURE expressed their excellent condition before even starting the rehearsal, saying, “We’re in great shape today,” which raised the energy levels from the outset. They meticulously checked everything from their movements to timing, repeatedly refining their choreography to enhance the precision of their group dance.

Once the main filming began, TREASURE’s explosive energy filled the set. Their flawless, powerful choreography was met with awe, while smoke effects and lighting converged with the members’ intense aura to create an engaging atmosphere that made it impossible to look away. Despite the long hours of shooting, the atmosphere was always light-hearted with TREASURE.

Break times were filled with surprise photo sessions, challenges, skits, and introductions to key dance moves, all maintaining a lively vibe on set. The members expressed their hope that “fans would have fun,” and requested lots of love for ‘KING KONG.’

In other news, TREASURE will hold the ‘2024 TREASURE RELAY TOUR [REBOOT] FINAL IN SEOUL’ at the KSPO DOME in Olympic Park, Bangi-dong, Seoul, on August 15th. After successfully completing their concerts in Manila, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta, they plan to celebrate the grand finale of their second Asian tour with fans in Korea.