TREASURE Releases Heartfelt ‘REBOOT’ Concert Documentary, Stirring Emotions


TREASURE Releases Heartfelt ‘REBOOT’ Concert Documentary, Stirring Emotions

K-POP group TREASURE has touched fans deeply with the behind-the-scenes documentary of their [REBOOT] concert series.

YG Entertainment released “YG PRODUCTION EP.2 The Making of TREASURE CONCERT [REBOOT] DOCUMENTARY” on their official blog on July 6th. The documentary features the members’ hidden efforts to produce a high-quality performance, unfolding in a cinematic narrative reminiscent of a science fiction movie.

From the opening VCR that boasted the scale and quality of a sci-fi film to the parody VCR that brought laughs with a cross-dressing concept, the documentary offers a glimpse into the members’ meticulous planning to deliver various joys to their fans.

The documentary also draws attention to the high-quality live vocals and intense performances, showing the band and dance practices aimed at perfecting their craft. It captures the process of enhancing the quality of new arrangements and transformed choreography as the members presented tracks from their second full album for the first time on stage.

TREASURE’s relentless pursuit of the ultimate performance continued until the last concert day. During rehearsals, they focused on refining every detail, from sound to stage lighting, and after the performances, they continuously discussed improvements. Yang Hyun-suk, the general producer, also contributed with meticulous monitoring.

Having successfully completed the three-day concert series, TREASURE shared their sincere hope with the audience: “We hope that these moments on stage will be the ones you remember throughout your lives. We aim to be a TREASURE that can make that happen.”

TREASURE will hold the ‘2024 TREASURE RELAY TOUR [REBOOT] FINAL IN SEOUL’ on August 15th at the KSPO DOME in Olympic Park, Seoul. After concluding successful shows in Manila, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta, they are set to bring a spectacular finale to their second Asian tour with their fans in Korea.