BABYMONSTER Hits Fifth 100 Million View Record with ‘LIKE THAT’, Marching Towards YouTube Royalty


BABYMONSTER Hits Fifth 100 Million View Record with ‘LIKE THAT’, Marching Towards YouTube Royalty

Girl group BABYMONSTER has added another milestone as their ‘LIKE THAT’ exclusive video surpasses 100 million views on YouTube.

According to YG Entertainment on July 7, the ‘LIKE THAT’ exclusive video broke the 100 million view mark at approximately 10:59 PM the previous day, achieving this feat just 36 days after its release, despite not being an official music video.

The video, imbued with BABYMONSTER’s signature groove, features the seven members’ restrained charisma, fluid dance lines, and captivating facial expressions, all blending into a visually sophisticated piece that has been well received by music fans.

This achievement brings BABYMONSTER’s total to five videos each surpassing 100 million views. Previously, they had broken the record for the fastest K-pop girl group debut song to reach 100 million views with the music videos for ‘SHEESH’ (200 million views) and ‘BATTER UP’ (200 million views), as well as ‘Stuck In The Middle’ (100 million views) and the ‘SHEESH’ performance video (100 million views).

BABYMONSTER’s official YouTube channel continues to enjoy unwavering popularity. The recent release of their new song ‘FOREVER’ on July 1 has further fueled this momentum. Their subscriber count surged by nearly 200,000 in less than a week of their comeback, now exceeding 6.3 million, with a cumulative content view count of over 2.1 billion.

In addition, YG released behind-the-scenes footage of the ‘LIKE THAT’ exclusive and dance performance on July 6, garnering positive responses. The video captures the professional demeanor of the members as well as their enjoyable chemistry off-stage, providing fans with much delight.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is set to perform ‘FOREVER’ on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ on July 7, marking their first music show performance of the song. Following this, the members plan to engage with fans both domestically and internationally through a variety of activities including radio and YouTube content.